A Short Story Depicting The Journey Of UniteUp Care Foundation.

Education is everywhere, we just need to drag it in the right direction.

It is always nice to see and go through a journey when you start with the right person. Similarly, UniteUp Care Foundation is a journey started by two best friends where their thoughts and heart collapsed to the same thought. The thought was driven from the heart. 

Two best friends normally hanging out, and just poured a thought of doing something that helps someone in the city. Let us contribute ourselves to society. A society where they need us. Need youth power to spread good deeds around. It was something that was in mind for a long time but executed at the same time right after pouring thoughts to each other. 

We concluded driving charity into the cities. It was a crucial winter. People were thriving out of the cold on the streets. Who are they going to lend hand to? How were they supposed to carry forward the whole season without a cover on them? It was difficult to even think of it. This brought us with the idea of “winter donation” in our minds. We decided to collect winter wear and blankets from our friends, neighbors, and from whoever we can. We immediately made an account on Instagram and spread as much as we could so that maximum people can reach us. It was something that we stood with a responsibility to spread a message of collecting winter donations. 

Before we could start with the winter donations, we decided to start this beautiful journey on a special day. Christmas was arriving and it was a good day to start something on that day. We decided to spread smiles on that day with whoever we meet on the roads. We distributed chocolates to everybody that we crossed on the roads across the city. We distributed chocolates to kids, elders, family hanging out in the garden, senior citizens chilling out with bon-fire in the winter nights, and who not. We tried to cover the whole city where we can tell them that what we are going to start and just spread joy around. We felt overwhelmed by hearing their responses where we did not even start anything. It was a splendid feeling to experience. After this thing, we decided that we are not ever stopping this may be the situation. 

After this event, we started spreading pictures on Instagram and spread as much as possible just that people can reach out to us and spread around the good deeds. The beautiful journey began and we were all ready to spread this as much as possible. 

This was our short story that we could share with you all. 

Hoping to be the great help lenders across the city and more.