Helping Each OtherMaking World Better.

Let's Help Each other

Youth making the world a better place for people.  

Making this world  a better place away from the chaotic impression of life and make it hard to live, lets make a better life providing smiles on the face of the most needed ones. Merrier the people, more will be the peaceful world. The understanding of the humanity and happiness goes in a single way of expressing the best deeds of the people to people. 



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School Education to needy children

Education is the only ladder where children can build their own foundation and can meet their dreams for achieving. Education is the best Ladder of life. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are highly encouraged to serve the best to society by gifting them the most precious gift of education. Knowingly and the almost illiterate population is developed because of a lack of sources, finance, and documentation.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Vision for seeing these children's bright future climbing the ladder of the education through us and enlighten the world by achieving the better knowledge and considering this world a better place.


The education is considered to be the greatest factor that turns around to the different level of the confidence surrounded by this little kids when one wants to grow with their dreams which were only existing in their pockets.
Our Story

Our Story

Two potter head, carrying lots of love in the heart. The mindset of helping with the basic needs and education were the one of the finest thing that overcame to start UniteupCare Foundation.
Charity Events

Kepping the record of our each charity events.

Along with the remote education camps, carrying away the charity programs by donating the basic needs of day-to-day life to needful people is our core duty to look at. 

Monthly Programs We carry out four educational camps providing all the needful things which one school provides to their students.
Donation Collection We are served with the respected people around us who help us being angel. Our donors are the greatest supporter to our children.
Join us

Watch, Inspire and help

Watching and getting inspired by how underprivileged yet talented learners are rising, they just need little sunlight of and some ray of hope to support them and to rise them. Let’s be their biggest supporter and the the reason behind their smile. 

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    Donor trust is guaranteed

    We take our donors as our guardian angels who have come here to help our children for the good cause and for their better future. 

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    Non-profits are the team of highly enthusiast youth who are behind shaping the better future for the world.