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follow UniteUp Care Foundation is carrying lots of love and an oppurtunity to share and spread the knowledge to children so that they carry out their life peacefully by fighting for their dreams.

School Education to needful Children

Full school-like education to incapable of spending behind studies. Education is the key to becoming the nicest human being and serving the best to societies in terms of behavioral affairs. 

Our Mission

To be the best education and fruitful life provider to children for the betterment of life in terms of everything. 


Education brings up the new human being and gives a touch of a nice human being to society. We shall be dedicated to our work serving the best to the nation ultimately. 

Our Story

Just take a random idea to implement it to perform the best deeds for children and taking life to a different perspective. 


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Give Education for Children

Who We are

Our Impact

Our Goals

We Uniteup care foundation stands by the children who need education where they can climb the ladders of success and happy life. Providing the best education for schooling and non-schooling rural children is our priority. Considering every type of learning may it be artistic, creative, or educational, we are here to encourage and take out the best from children by encouraging them. 

Our impact is giving a strong recovery to the society where education is leading a role and people are drawing their direction to the grounds of education.


A goal is to look through children’s eyes and dream about better lives for them by guiding them through the right path and also knowing them with a better vision of themselves. Building up children with a great mindset is the thing which we are looking for. 


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What Make Us Different

We Educate

We try to provide the basic etiquettes and enlighten them with education with the powerful and peaceful life ahead.


We Help

We are all here to help the hurdles that are coming on the way of children to not meet the best education provided. Overcoming the education that is needed to be empowered. 


We Build

Building and developing are through the funds we gather and sponsorships availed. We are building to develop our children and ultimately youth of the nation. 

We Donate

Donating the most precious gift according to the Uniteupcare foundation-education. Along with the education, we donate all that is required to them that includes the basic amenities. 


We Need Your Help

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Helping donors to make easy donations, considering the best help provided by donors. The donations received in the terms of money funds and other support is well appreciated and considered. the welfare of children considering education as a priority is what we look for.